TWN Laws & Bylaws affect all residents, TWN Members and leaseholders who live on TWN reserve land. 

Please read our latest bylaw approved by council below from 2021 regarding Covid-19.

Commonly viewed TWN Laws and Bylaws

TWN Land Code 2007
TWN Land Use Plan Law 2019
TWN LUP Map Amendment #1, 2019
TWN Land Use By-Law Amendment, 2020
TWN Dog Control Bylaw 2016
TWN Property Transfer Tax Law 2019
TWN Building By-law 2001
TWN Building Bylaw Amendment #1 2003
TWN Building Bylaw Amendment #2 2018
TWN Building Bylaw Amendment #3 2019
TWN Zoning Law – CD #14 2021

You can obtain a digital or printed copy of these TWN Laws & Bylaws and all other TWN Laws & Bylaws by contacting our administration office at (604) 929-3454 or

If you would like a printed copy of TWN Laws & Bylaws, there is an administrative fee of $0.10 per page.

Other TWN Laws and Bylaws

TWN Financial Administration Law 2012
TWN Fire Bylaw 2001
TWN First Nations GST Law 2007
TWN Land Advisory Committee Election Law 2012
TWN Land Use ByLaw 2001
TWN Matrimonial Real Property Law 2015
TWN Preventation of Disorderly Conduct Bylaw 2002
TWN Property Assessment Law, 2017
TWN Property Transfer Tax Law 2019
TWN Regulation of Band Meetings Bylaw 2002
TWN Street and Traffic Bylaw 2006
TWN Waste Removal Bylaw 2006
TWN Sewer By-law 2001
TWN Sewer By-law Amendment 2003
TWN Waterworks Bylaw 2001
TWN Waterworks Bylaw Amendment 2003
TWN Zoning Bylaw 1992
TWN Zoning Bylaw Amendment #1 1993
TWN Zoning Bylaw amendment #2 2013
TWN Zoning Bylaw amendment #6 2016
TWN Zoning Bylaw amendment #10 2019
TWN Zoning Bylaw amendment #11 2019
TWN Zoning Bylaw amendment #13 2019