Our Tsleil-Waututh Nation Health and Wellness Department provides community members access to a range of holistic health and wellness services and programs including public health promotion programs, primary care services, mental wellness services, home and community care and recreational services and activities. Services are delivered principally to those living on-reserve, however members living off-reserve are welcome to access our health services. Specific outreach services are also offered to TWN community members who are unable to visit the health centre. By wrapping services around our community members, we hope to continue to contribute to a thriving, healthy and well community where services and programs are underpinned by our traditional and cultural practices.

Primary Care

Our Primary Care clinic opened in 2016 and operates 5 days a week with a General Practitioner (Doctor) and/or Nurse Practitioner available to provide confidential consultations and one on one patient advice.  Medical Office Assistants are available to book appointments and answer any non-clinical queries including access to pharmacy, dental and optometry supports.  Traditional and cultural practitioners can support our primary care team with a range of cultural and traditional based practices and healing.  Form – Annual Influenza Record 2019-2020

Mental Wellness

Our Mental Wellness team aims to develop and provide Mental Wellness programs and educational resources that are responsive, culturally appropriate, compassionate, strengths-based and community-focused that empowers our community to be resilient, self-determining, and connected.

Services include:

Clinical Counselling: Confidential group and individual counselling support are available through the nation for all ages. A strengths-based, client-centred approach is used to support clients through difficulties such as grief and loss, trauma, addictions, and other challenging times of transition.

Expressive Arts Therapy: Individual and group Expressive Arts Therapy is available. Expressive Arts Therapy is an experiential type of counselling for all ages where clients are invited to engage in a creative process as a frame for self-discovery. The arts experience becomes a tool for the clients to study their habits, discover personal strengths, address challenges and build resiliency. Expressive arts may include writing, storytelling, visual art, clay, movement, sound, photography, connecting with nature or therapeutic conversation.

Addictions Counselling: Individual and group Alcohol and Drug counselling services are offered including:

  • Assessment and treatment referrals
  • Pre-treatment and post-treatment follow up
  • Alcohol and drug education and prevention
  • Harm reduction education

Peer Support: Facilitates the coordination of giving and receiving non-professional, non-clinical assistance from individuals with similar conditions or circumstances to achieve long-term recovery from psychiatric, alcohol, and/or other drug-related challenges aiming to support community members to improve their health and wellness and strive to reach an individual’s full potential.  Facilitates and provides non-judgemental peer group support to community members in recovery to voluntarily gather together by sharing knowledge, experiences, coping strategies and understanding.

Other Supporting programs: Family, youth, and children programs are provided that include:

  • Mental health and addictions education series
  • Culturally based programming
  • Community health events and initiatives
  • Girls and Boys group prevention programs
  • Groups, circles, and workshops on a variety of topics

Crisis Response: Support is available to assist community members with crisis counselling. If you or someone you know is experiencing a mental health crisis outside of normal operating hours, please call 911 or go directly to the emergency room. Other crisis response supports include:

Community Health Nurse

Supports management of chronic disease or acute illnesses; medical assessments and referrals; promotes and coordinates vaccinations and immunizations; health prevention and awareness education and resources for breastfeeding, nutrition, physical activity, infection control, safe sex practices; and coordinates screening and/or workshops.

Home and Community Care

Provides assessments and Home Care Nursing services and Personal care for eligible community members. Provides awareness and education of self-management (e.g. management of chronic conditions, falls prevention) and supports overall independence in your own home.

Recreation Programs and Activities

Our recreation team promotes wellness and healthy lifestyles through a wide range of program activities and events that supports community members to maintain healthy lifestyles.  A monthly calendar of events is developed to encourage community member participation. All community members are welcome to access the open gym time.

Other Programs

Medical Transportation can be organized for eligible community members to attend medically necessary health appointments (e.g. hospital or specialist care) that cannot be accessed on reserve.   Infant, youth and elder health services are available for community members including Traditional-based parenting programs to support families.  We offer a daily nutritious breakfast program for our young ones to nourish themselves for each school day. Other various activities that support social interaction and activities include arts and crafts workshops, social lunches, traditional drumming and singing, connecting Elders with children and youth, and health workshops.

Cultural and Traditional Wellness

Cultural and Traditional Wellness resources play a critical role across all our Health and Wellness programs. Coordination and access to various spiritual and alternative healing and wellness services are available.  Services include access to Elders, Traditional Healers and medicines, and our community garden. We work closely with our cultural and language community development team to encourage access to ceremonial practices, language education, land-based learning and sacred spaces.

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