As guided by our Stewardship Laws, Land Use Plan, Comprehensive Community Plan and Climate Change Resilience Plan, TWN is working to reduce community greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, promote energy efficient buildings, complete energy retrofits, and expand renewable energy resources.

Related work includes:

Energy Efficient Construction & Energy Retrofits

Community Housing Energy RetrofitsTWN has embarked on a multi-year project to improve the health and safety of community homes. Our Climate Action & Energy Management Team supports this process by helping to identify energy retrofit opportunities, applying for energy rebates, and promoting energy efficiency awareness and household maintenance strategies.   

To date over 20 community homes have received energy retrofits which may include: building envelope improvements, added insulation, upgraded windows and doors, improved ventilation and temperature controls, upgraded electrical capacity, and more. We gratefully acknowledge the Indigenous Communities Conservation Program (ICCP) rebates received to date to help cover the costs of energy retrofits, and we are working to access additional rebates offered by other partners. 

Energy Efficient New ConstructionNew buildings constructed on reserve land are following BC Energy Step Code performance metrics and best practices to improve building energy performance, improve indoor comfort and reduce energy consumption.   

Community Energy & Emissions Reduction Planning

Baseline Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory Report presents an initial inventory of community GHG emissions and preliminary GHG reduction strategies. Offers a low carbon resilience approach and informs TWN’s Climate Change Resilience Planning.

Community Energy and Emissions Plan – builds on the baseline inventory, sets targets for GHG and energy reduction, and charts a pathway of actions to reach these targets.

Renewable Energy and EV Charging Opportunities

Solar & Other Renewable Energy – TWN has two solar array systems including:

  • a free-standing solar PV tracking system that provides energy to TWN’s Child & Family Centre
  • a large ground-mounted PV system that helps offset energy from TWN’s Administration & Health Centre

The Climate Action & Energy Management Team monitors solar energy production and supports exploration of other renewable energy projects on reserve land.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations – TWN has 4 Level-2 EV charging stations that are accessible to all community members. EV charging station use data is used to monitor demand and to support planning for EV charging expansion.

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