When do you need to apply for a Development Permit?

A Development Permit is required for:

  •  New construction
  •  Major renovations or changes of use in existing structures
  • Major public works and infrastructure

You don’t need a Development Permit for projects like:

  • Routine repairs and maintenance
  • TWN Member Single-family homes

If you are not sure whether you require a Development Permit, please contact the TWN Public Works Department to discuss your project.

Development Permit Application Requirements

At the Development Permit phase, TWN needs to understand all of the high-level features of your development proposal. Different development proposals will require different submission documents. Contact the TWN Lands office for a list of requirements.
The submission documents typically include, at a minimum:

  • Landscape Architectural Plans
  • Architectural Plans
  • Engineering Plans
  • Transportation Studies
  • Stormwater Management Studies
  • Transportation Studies

Your permit application package should be sent:

By Email: Attention: Permitting
Email: permits@twnation.ca

By Mail or delivery: Attention: Permitting Lands Office, Department of Public works, 3178 Alder Court, North Vancouver, BC, Canada, VH7 2V6

 What is the Development Permit Application review process?

Upon receipt of a complete package, Lands staff will circulate the Development Permit Application submission for review to applicable departments. Please note review timelines will be dependent upon complexity of the project, but you can expect at a minimum three to four months of review.

What are the Development Permit fees?

The Development Permit fee is required with the Development Permit application.

Please contact permits@twnation.ca to discuss permitting fees.