We are honoured to be elected and serve as the Tsleil-Waututh government and recognize our responsibility to “provide strong leadership, guidance, and support for the greater good of our nation,” as our Mission states.

We strive to align Tsleil-Waututh governance with the social, cultural, political, economic, end ecological goals we have set as a community. We pursue business opportunities on our lands and within the region to generate wealth and prosperity for our people, but we balance growth with preserving Tsleil-Waututh values, culture, and territory.

We want community members to thrive in our Tsleil-Waututh culture and traditions—even as we live in an ever-changing modern world—to keep us grounded in our values and who we are as a people.

We believe in providing outstanding service to improve quality of life in our community. We are creating opportunities for Tsleil-Waututh people to make a better life for themselves while protecting our environment for future generations.

We are encouraged to see TWN youth stepping up to get more involved in leadership roles because we want to see our children and grandchildren grow up healthy and happy, so their lives are a journey to a bright future. All we do as TWN leaders is for them and for future generations.

Our elders and ancestors laid the groundwork for us to continue living on this land. Our greatest strength is standing together united as Tsleil-Waututh people as we create a sustainable future together.