Ministry of Children and Family Development The Ministry of Children and Family Development is responsible for a wide range of programs and services to children, youth and families, including promoting the healthy development and functioning of children, youth and families; protecting children and youth from abuse, neglect and harm; providing guardianship services for children in care; supporting children and youth with developmental and multiple disabilities to live successfully and participate in the community; providing child and youth mental health services; and providing services to youth in Youth Justice. 

Indigenous Cultural Coordinator:

Indigenous Child Care Counsellor:
Indigenous Professionals In Development – BC HydroIndigenous Professionals In Development is a Training Program that offers post secondary Indigenous graduates a one-year paid work and professional development placement with BC Hydro.

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Arctic Arrow Powerline GroupSeveral Positions Please go to their website for detailed job descriptions. If you or anyone you know is interested, please send application to:
Canucks Sports and EntertainmentIf you or anyone you know might be interested, please go to their website for detailed job descriptions and how to apply.
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First Nations Health AuthorityFNHA is looking for:  
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BC First Nations General Revenue Sharing General Partner Inc.Job Posting- General Manager 
Jacob BrosSurvey Assistant –> BB term position Job Posting 2020 VAHS  
Project Coordinator
Civil Foreman 
Traffic Control Supervisor