PROPERTY TAXES DUE: Thursday, July 2, 2020


For taxpayer instructions and a copy of 2020 Taxpayer Letter click here


Important Announcement

Please note the Tsleil-Waututh Nation Administration Office remains closed to the public due to COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, we are unable to help you in person.

The 2020 Property Taxation Notices have been mailed out. If your notice is not received by June 5, please email us.

Please carefully review the 2020 Taxpayer Letter insert included with your 2020 notice (for a copy click on the link above) and the information provided below.

If you have questions not covered in the Taxpayer Letter or the information provided below, please email us at Please note however, due to the high volume of emails that we receive during this time, only questions that are not already addressed here on our webpage will be answered.



Payment Options

Interac e-Transfer (RECOMMENDED)

You can send your email transfer to:

Please make sure to include your Folio Number in the Message section in the e-Transfer so we can track your payment.

Due to daily limits imposed by your financial institution, you may need to send multiple e-Transfers on different days before the due date. Please contact your financial institution for more information.


Please mail early to allow adequate mailing time. Mail lost or delayed by the post office will be subject to late penalty and interest. Canada Post postmarks are NOT proof of on-time payment.

We accept property tax cheques post-dated for July 2, 2020. Do not mail cash.

24-hour Letter Box (cheque or money order only) 

A 24- hour letter box is available at main entrance of the Tsleil-Waututh Nation Administration Office to drop off payments by cheque and Home Owner Grant applications. Your cheque and/or home owner grant application must also be in an envelope, with your name written on it. 

No cash payments will be accepted through the letter box.

Online Credit Card Payment (subject to 3% surcharge)

For 2020, you may pay your property taxes with a credit card (Visa and MasterCard only) subject to a surcharge of 3%.

In order to pay the correct amount, add 3% to the total amount payable for your property taxes (property tax payable x 1.03).

Please scroll down to the bottom of this page and enter your payment amount and Folio. You will then be directed to a secure page to enter your credit card information.

Online or Telephone Banking (RBC customers only)

RBC customers may pay their taxes in person or through Internet/ Telephone Banking. Your Folio Number is used for your account number. Please contact RBC for more information about this service.


Home Owner Grant

To avoid penalty and interest, claim your Home Owner Grant by Thursday, July 2, 2020. You will not receive the grant if you fail to fully complete the application either online or on the front portion of your tax notice.

Please apply for your Home Owner Grant online if you meet the eligibility requirements for online application. For a complete set of instructions to use the Homeowner Portal and submit your Homeowner Grant Application online, please visit:

For 2020 only, if you are not eligible to submit your grant online, you may scan and email a signed copy of grant application to You must submit a copy of a valid BC ID or Driver’s License which clearly indicates your property address along with your grant application.


New Penalties

Tsleil-Waututh Nation legislation mandates that a 10% penalty is applied to unpaid property taxes in the current year. In 2020, a short-term financial relief is provided:

  • A reduced penalty rate of 2% is applied after July 2, 2020.
  • An additional 8% penalty is applied to any current taxes outstanding after September 1, 2020.

To avoid penalties, pay your taxes in full and claim your Home Owner Grant (if eligible) by July 2. Unpaid taxes and arrears are subject to daily interest at a rate of 15% annually until the property taxes are paid in full.


Assessment Q&As

Q: Who assesses the properties on TWN lands?
A: The British Columbia Assessment Authority (“BC Assessment”) has been contracted to assess properties on reserve. BC Assessment uses the guidelines as set out in the Tsleil-Waututh First Nation Property Assessment Law. BC Assessment applies same valuation practices and procedures as are applied off the reserve.

Q: When will I received my assessment notice?
A: BC Assessment will mail your notice to you in early January. For more information refer to BC Assessment website:

Q: Can I appeal my property assessment?
A: Yes. You will find details on how to appeal your assessment on the back of your assessment notice. For more information, please refer to your property assessment notice. Please note, you can only appeal your property assessment, not your property taxes.


Property Tax Q&As

Q: Who sets the tax rate?
A: Tsleil-Waututh Nation has jurisdiction under the First Nations Fiscal and Statistical Management Act (“FSMA”) to levy taxes and therefore has the sole authority to set tax rates. However, TWN has historically adopted the tax rates set annually by the District of North Vancouver.

Q: When are my taxes due?
A: Your property tax payment is due on the first business day in July. The taxation period is from January to December.

Q: How can I pay my taxes?
A: Please see Payment Options listed at the top of the page.

Q: What if I can’t make my full payment by the due date (Penalties and Interest)?
A: 10% penalty is applied to unpaid taxes and unclaimed Home Owner Grant after the close of business on the due date. Unpaid tax balances, including penalties, accrue interest at a rate of 15% annually (1.25% monthly) until the taxes are paid in full.

Q: What about Home Owner Grants?
A: The guidelines for qualification are in accordance to the Provincial Home Owner Grant Program and are outlined on the reverse of your property tax notice. Late application is subject to penalty and interest. You can only apply for the Home Owner Grant until December 31 of the current tax year subject to penalty and interest.

Q: Can I claim my Home Owner Grant online?
A: Eligible homeowners now have the option of claiming the Home Owner Grant ONLINE. For more information and instructions to use the Homeowner Portal and submit your Homeowner Grant Application online, please visit

Q: Do I qualify for a Tax Deferral?
A: Unfortunately no. The Tax Deferral Program is a Provincial program that does not apply on Federal Reserve lands. At this time there is no equivalent program offered by Tsleil-Waututh Nation.

Q: My mortgage company pays my taxes. Can I still get the grant?
A: If your mortgage company pays your property taxes on your behalf you may still qualify for the grant. However, it is still your responsibility to:

  • Complete, sign and return the home owner grant application to the Tsleil-Waututh Nation Administration office by the due date. Do not send your grant application to your mortgage company.
  • Make sure your mortgage company is paying the correct amount, i.e. property taxes minus your eligible home owner grant.

In order to avoid a duplicate payment or late payment penalty, confirm who, you or your mortgage company, is responsible for paying your taxes.

Q: What if I didn’t receive a tax notice?
A: It is the responsibility of all registered owners to pay taxes whether they receive a notice or not. Tax notices are sent out the last week of May. If a notice is not received, contact the Tsleil-Waututh Nation Administration Office for a copy of your tax notice.

Q: Where can I get more information on property taxation?
A: Here are some resources with further information:

First Nations Finance Authority:
First Nations Tax Commission:
First Nations Financial Management Board:

BC Assessment:




Please use this form if you want pay by credit card.

3% surcharge/fee should be added to the total amount payable for your property taxes.

Please note that we ONLY accept Visa and MasterCard.

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