Our Public Works Department ensures the community has safe, affordable buildings, lands, and infrastructure. We care for TWN reserve lands, resources, and the environment. We oversee capital projects, housing, road and facility improvements, community services, land management, recreation, bylaws, policies, and zoning for the Tsleil-Waututh Nation. For instance, we:

  • Plan capital projects – Planning community facilities like the new TWN Administration & Health Centre: we determine the need, establish the design, determine costs, tender contracts, and oversee construction
  • Manage facilities and grounds – Operating and maintaining TWN buildings and grounds (such as janitorial services, repairs, grounds keeping)
  • Manage recreational programs – Developing gym and rec programs, parks, playgrounds, and trails
  • Manage non-profit housing – Operating a portfolio of TWN social housing, collecting rents, making repairs, planning for new houses (which then become capital projects)
  • Plan for a safe, affordable future – Engaging our community in land use planning to develop a multi-generational plan for reserve lands
  • Manage TWN land and resources – Forestry and water planning, addressing environmental issues, and making adaptations for climate change
  • Oversee development activities – Reviewing development plans, assessing available infrastructure and services, conducting transportation studies, examining how neighbourhoods fit together, determining costs, and deciding where to spend funds
  • Manage infrastructure for the community – Planning, developing and maintaining roads and piping to service developments
  • Manage land transactions – Registering lands bought or sold in the federal land registry and land surveys
  • Register Status Indians and TWN members – Updating status cards for external Status Indians who come into our offices, registering our members, and conducting demographic studies to maintain lists for community elections
  • Administer Property Transfer Tax – Levying and collecting this tax for land transactions on TWN leasehold land


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